MV Lodesman

Comprehensive marine surveying expertise.

Roving Eye Enterprises provides support to a variety of operators; in recent years we have gained a wealth of experience in cable and cable route surveys.

Operating in some of the most challenging tidal areas in Scotland, including Yell Sound, Shetland, the EMEC tidal site at the Fall of Warness, Orkney, and many sites on western Scotland from Islay to Lewis, our expertise is second to none.

Other tasks undertaken include ROV assisted tidal turbine deployment, and numerous under water recovery tasks.
The following case study will provide an insight into our services.

In this case, Roving Eye Enterprises used a Hyball ROV, fitted with a proximity probe and a manipulator, to complete a very demanding inspection of the inside of the central pile of an offshore SPM (Single Point Mooring).

As you can see, the normal factors of the operating environment were compounded by confined space and small margin for error.

  • 1. MV Guide alongside SPM

  • 2. SPM visual from sea level

  • 3. Hyball ROV with proximity sensor fitted

  • 4. Carefully lowering equipment into the pile

  • 5. Recovery after survey completion

  • 6. Mission Accomplished!

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